WordPress Themes To Boost Google Adsense CTR

When building more targeted and optimized web pages with the aim of attracting more attention and traffic, it is only logical to use WordPress themes. Optimization is made easy with WordPress designs. Some themes are definitely better than others when looking to customize your site’s look and feel. At ThemeBounce, we offer the best WordPress themes for Adsense that have all the qualities you may be looking for when starting your website. Below are some considerations that you may check for when choosing the best WordPress themes.

Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility is key in choosing a theme. Best WordPress themes are compatible with all the major browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7 as well as Safari. It is worth noting that the theme may be compatible but does not necessarily work the same with all these browsers. Testing a theme with as many browsers as possible is worth the trouble if you are looking to have the best value.


The typography or rather the setting of the theme is crucial. Your content should be easy to read. If you cannot navigate easily through your content with a particular theme, it means that even other people visiting your site will encounter the same problem, and you have every right to discard such a theme. Visit ThemeBounce.com today and buy lighting fast themes that will help you run your online business smoothly.


Styling makes a website captivating or not. How elements are arranged and designed to look is crucial. When talking about styling, you must have a look at the font color, size and type. Check the headers, numbered lists, definition lists, images as well as links. Line spacing and the length of each line also affect the effectiveness of a particular theme.

Comment Section

Most people visiting your website often desire to leave comments. This is a good reason to have a look at the comment styling. The comment section will most definitely leave an impression to people, and it is upon you to ensure the impression is good and long lasting. Best WordPress themes have the author’s post looking different from the comments. They should also have gravatars. The option of turning off the gravatars should be considered, especially when the site is meant for business.

Specific Pages

Best WordPress themes allow for specific page types to bear their own templates. This translates to specifically tailoring content to serve the needs of a specific page. You need to check how these various pages are interlinked and the relevance of providing such links. Go through the various responses of the theme to particular commands, for instance, the response when you search for a term that is non-existent.

 Display Details

Details of the posts are essential as well. These include authors’ names, date of posting and categories among others. If there is more content than is visible, it should provide a link to where you can read more.


It is evident that at some point you will require customizing the theme to suit your specific needs. Best WordPress themes bear detailed instructions how you can manipulate various features on it and achieve the desired look.


Whenever shopping for a theme, ensure that you take your time to find one that fulfills most of the specifications that will serve you well.

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