Why ThemeBounce?

Here's how Themebounce WordPress themes can help you build profitable money making blogs!

ThemeBounce was created by internet marketers for internet marketers. Throughout the past decade, we’ve collectively built and launched over a thousand WordPress sites (most being Adsense niche sites).

What we found in the beginning was that setting up the sites, the ads, the on-site SEO was the most difficult, and time-consuming process. On top of that, we would spend hours cleaning up each theme with useless code that slowed down the site.

So, we started building out our own themes. These themes were built to be fast, efficient, and simple. We have a few themes that we use consistently use across our niche sites. We’re currently re-developing a few of them, fine-tuning them even further before launching them here on ThemeBounce.

The first theme we’ve finished, UnoBlog is one of our favorite themes that was largely re-designed and re-coded to help the internet marketer.

Our Philosophy

ThemeBounce themes MUST adhere to these principles:

1. Ultra lightweight, and lightning fast load speeds.

2. Super simple to set up, customize, and launch.

3. Undergo vigorous ad layout testing.

4. Code the highest conversion layouts into ad-widgets for easy ad insertion.

5. Have perfect on-site SEO.

6. Be responsive to all screen sizes.

Please do read following :